Should the Ten Commandments Be Displayed in Public Spaces?

Some insist the answer must be NO. Their insistence reveals a part of what they secretly believe about the power and authority of these words.

Others say the answer ought to be YES. The ones with this view tend to overstate the value of such a display. Take it from an author: Just because words are out there, that doesn’t mean they will be read. And with the Ten Commandments, we are to do more than read. We are to acknowledge the power of the words and allow that power to reshape us.

Recognizing this, between two people committed to these two opposing views, the one in the NO camp might actually have the heart that is nearer to the truth about the Ten Commandments.

A commentary by Rev. Stephen Yates of Destin, Florida illustrates this point wonderfully. What does it take to move people? Rev. Yates says 500 pounds per commandment won't necessarily do it.

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